Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fritzy Tickles

This Relief Society presidency gig is taking all my extra time, but here's a video to prove we still exist :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fritzy Videos

So yeah, we moved to Michigan and bought a house. Sorry blogosphere! I'm in the RS Presidency now and things are a bit...intense (in a happy to be busy with good things kind of way). Had to make sure I documented this little fellow though:

Friday, July 1, 2016

Dr Adam Burch

 Grandma Regular came out with the Schmutzes to party with us!
 Here comes the doctor.
 Greeting the dean and president.
 Adam asked Dad and I to be his "hooders"--what an honor!
 I'm looking proud of that kid. Man, what a lot of work he did to earn this!

 Dad returns to his seat.

 So happy and proud we could pop!

 Chris and Anthon were there too. Hannah saved my bacon by watching the heathens in the hotel.

 These two--so cute! They love all the same things so much so that I often feel like the in-law ;-)
 Kay drove all the way down to honor her son. So awesome--thank you!
 Can't remember why we were laughing. Could it be, "We don't ever have to come here again?"

 Adam and I both love Dad so much. What a great example of intellect, mercy and leadership he is.

 We went out to our favorite pho joint to celebrate--Sam City!

 Chris is so debonair.

 Finding and sharing shells. I took these from the balcony of our hotel in Lincoln City. Fritzy was too sick to play at the shore so we stayed behind.

 Abbey Road-Beach?

 Anthon, age 16

 Hannah and Sophie are looking for mermaids.

Monday, August 31, 2015

California Mondo Trip

The first day, we visited Grandma Regular in Salt Lake and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
 Then we picked up Uncle Chris and headed for Las Vegas! Here we are spinning quarters at Johnny Rocket's while waiting for burgers.

 We stayed at the Excalibur (Eloise said, "Oh me gosh Hooma--you buyed me a castle?!!!) and took the speed tram to Mandalay Bay for visiting the sharks.

 Fritzy was very impressed and said "Oooh!" to every fish that swam by.

 The view from our room was better than staying at the Luxor because we could enjoy all the cool decorations on the outside. Claire is very interested in Egypt and had a great time practicing hieroglyphs on the hotel stationary.
It was incredibly hot, but if this boy has sommat to eat, he's cool.

 On Friday, we made it to Redondo Beach. We went straight to the pier to enjoy the evening breezes.
 Dinner at our favorite place---Fun Fish Market!
 Claire celebrated her 7th birthday with clam chowder and kimchi.
 Everyone played like mad on the warm clean beach. Can't beat Redondo!
 Claire is anti-sand, but very pro-socks, so Hooma got her special official Ocean Aqua Socks that would keep her safe from sandy feet.

 Sophie looks cute, but don't turn your back on her.
 Anthon just turned 16--he's getting his license soon.
 In many ways, Redondo Beach feels like my hometown.

 Uncle Hans flew in that night and came to our hotel room to help calm the babies with his uke. This is Fritzy's prayer pose, so he must have thought Hans was pretty good!
 Fritz was impressed.

Video for Claire's birthday.
 Saturday was our L.A. day. We started at Olvera Street because that's where...
 ...Mr. Churro is!!!

 My lovely Mommy---look at all that glamorous hair!
 We rode the historical wooden carousel at Griffith Park. Sophie was clinging on for dear life and said she's never riding that death trap again. I guess it did go pretty fast!

 Olvera's famous Frankendonkey.

 Claire likes thrills so she was happy.
 Eloise was hot and bored and angry at the Hollywood sign.

 L.A. was hot and crowded and awful, so we went back to Redondo Pier! Here we are eating dinner at the famous El Torrito right out over the ocean. Eloise said I was her best friend and put her arm around me. It's pretty rare for her to say something nice to me, so I took a picture!

Uncle Chris and Fritzy dance to the mariachi music.
 Sunday was family day! We went to church with Grandma Jan at the Redondo 3rd ward, and then headed out to Rancho Cucamonga for a big Schmutz party. Here I am with my cousins Imran and Karl--we were all born within four days in 1984! We are holding pictures of our expectant mothers and then us as babies :)

 Our mommies: Lisa (Karl), Amy (Laurel), and Mary Sue (Imran) standing just like they were in the picture.

 Hannah, Mary Sue, Hans, Me, Karl, Imran and Sandra, John Eric.
 Karl, Imran and Sandra, John Eric, Nadeem.
 Swimming with Great Uncle Eric in Mary Sue's pool.

 Mary Sue came swimming too, along with cousins Cheyenne (Imran) and Sophie (John Eric and Jennifer).
Eric and Mary Sue---my father's older brother and younger sister.
 And finally on Monday we had a very hot, very fun time at Disneyland! We are wearing the matching shirts I designed--detail of the image to follow. The writing says Schmutz Family.

 The brass face on the carousel looks like my dad, so it was like he had come :) Adam was of course doing med school rotations in Arkansas.

 On the bus to Disneyland. We always stay at the Candy Cane Inn for their awesome breakfast and fast shuttle. It's a great deal--although this time their internet was down.

 First ride--Small World of course!

 Cooling down with Dole Whips.

 Waiting for the shuttle.

 When it came right to it, Eloise was afraid of Elsa and wouldn't talk to her. Poor girl! It was what she had been talking about for two months beforehand.

 We are big fans of the Ariel ride too.

 Dinner at Rainforest Cafe has become a tradition too.

 Candy Cane Inn.

 We waited a crazy long time to meet Minnie out in the heat--and then the actress went on break! We waited an extra 20min. I was pretty angry, but maybe you can't tell in the picture.

 We went to see the amazing fireworks show--because I'm insane like that.
 Copying Fritz' ducklips.
 Screaming as he wields a butterknife.
 Second day of Disney!

 Claire was fried. She threw a tantrum just after this and actually dislocated my jaw with a knee to my face. What a treasure.

 The wild monkeys!

 This boy is so crazy handsome.
 Resting our legs on the train.
 Eloise thought the lady bug ride would be great, but she spent it plastered to the floor screaming for the pain to end. Oh well!

 Ready for Toy Story Mania--a 3D ride.

 Minnie's house

 Hooma's big wish was to ride the ferris wheel.
 Last ride of the trip--they picked Small World. I'm raising little Hebrews I guess!
Farewell Disneyland! It's been real, but we'll check ya later when it's not so hot and we aren't so little and we have our Daddy back.